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Half way into our week in London, we stayed one night at the Draycott Hotel, an Edwardian and charming townhouse hotel located in one of the most charming areas we came across. We only realized it was three connected townhouses later in the evening when we were told – on the outside the hotel looked like three seperated houses!

Upon arrival at the hotel we were greeted by three lovely staff members and seated by a very large desk to fill out all the check-in paper work – there was both a charm to this part of the procedure and we wouldn’t mind if it took a little longer because it was so comfortable!


we would like to emphasize that we were overwhelmed by the service of the staff. The hotel and our room was amazing, but the staff really made our stay memorable.

We would have loved to stay one more night to experience the afternoon tea and champagne in the common area, however, we will have to save that until next time!

We recommend this hotel experience for couples who want to explore London from a more luxurious but local point of view. It is truly another experience than to book a reservation in a brand new hotel downtown.


As we had already planned our day before checking in, we notified the staff that we were heading out almost as fast as we checked in. The same staff that greeted us all asked us if we wanted an umbrella (although it didn’t rain) – which we kindly declined (it started raining an hour later…..)

After an afternoon in the rain we came back to the hotel. Again, we were greeted by not three but two very nice staff members. One of them were told to take us to our room – apparently she had only been there for about a week and still thought the hotel was a maze, which we could understand! Why? Firstly, the houses were connected by uneven staircases, it had two elevators that led up to all the rooms and to make matters more confusing, they had replaced room numbers with names of famous British artists. Never the less, we laughed with our receptionist and finally found Garrick.

After we settled in our room, we were toured around in the hotel by a very sweet gentleman working the evening shift. He told us about the history of the buildings and the hotel. There are two study areas both with a fireplace whereas one of them has a fully stocked self-service bar called the “The Honesty Bar”. The concept is quite fun, you pour yourself a drink and you write down whatever you took from the bar and then the hotel charges you accordingly.

As we had walked around the City the whole day, we missed the complimentary afternoon tea and homemade biscuits the hotel serves everyday at 4:00 PM – we were really bummed, as we were really looking forward to this English tradition...next time! As another personal touch, the hotel also serve champagne at 6:00 PM and delicious hot chocolate at 9:30 PM.


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As mentioned above, all the room numbers have been replaced with names of famous British artists and the name of our deluxe double room had been named Garrick. Our room was very spacious and lovely decorated – furnished with a king-size bed (the bed was magic, we both slept like babies and didn’t wake up once!), a two person sofa, vanity table, writing desk, minibar, tv and a fireplace(!!!). The furniture was a little worn, but you don’t mind as it adds to the charm of the hotel.
The bathroom had a bathtub and amenities included bathrobes, fluffy towels, soap bars, shower caps, shower gel, conditioner and shampoo – all of which were fragrant and nice.

For breakfast there were a regular set of breakfast items you could tick off, depending on your preferences and for the guests interested in trying out the full English breakfast experience, there was an additional row of English breakfast elements. We decided to try out the full english breakfast with scrambled eggs, poached eggs, bacon, sausages, toasts and much, much more! We ordered coffee and hot water with sliced lemon, however, when they came up with the breakfast, the hot water was missing! We called them to ask for it, and they were quick to bring it up to the room. With a complete breakfast and fully fuelled, we were ready for another day touristing around the City of London!


The townhouse hotel is located in the prestegious area of Kensington, Chelsea. The neighbourhood is very Edwardian and while standing outside the hotel, try to think about how you imagined London to be like when you were back home – the area looks just like that!

What signifies the posh area are really the more luxurious cars on the streets and with a 5 minute walk from the hotel, you will find yourself on Sloane Street, a street stacked with high-end boutiques such as Prada, Tom Ford, Bottega Venetta and many more!



Getting there:

  • Bus 19 and 22
  • Underground, Sloan Station
  • Famous black cabs
  • Uber


26 Cadogan Gardens  

+44 (0) 20 7730 6466