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The word Jamahal means ‘precious time’ in ancient Sanskrit, and trust us when we say, that the name lives up to the experience. If you value genuinely personalized experiences, privacy, relaxation and exquisite food, then Jamahal Private Resort and Spa is the perfect resort for you.

Jamahal Private Resort and Spa has won several awards for being one of the top small hotels in Indonesia. The most recent award is the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award 2016 where Jamahal was among the top 10. Jamahal Private Resort and Spa is top listed in the categories; best service, romance and luxury hotel and we definitely believe that these awards are well deserved.


Let me just say, that we’ve missed our stay in Jamahal Private Resort and Spa as soon as we left the resort. We had such a good experience in Jamahal Private Resort and Spa. Our stay at Jamahal Private Resort and Spa is one of the highlights of our Bali trip. It is a MUST to stay here while in Bali. It was our first time but most definitely not be our last time staying at Jamahal Private Resort and Spa.


Jamahal Private Resort and Spa really takes pride in being the perfect resort for honeymooners due to their high service standards and privacy. We could not agree more. Upon arrival, we were met with smiling faces, making us feel at home immediately. Jamahals focus on high quality service is emphasized by the staffs friendliness and attentiveness. The staff was so good to us during the whole stay and always referring to us by our first names and always ensuring that our needs were met. Jamahal Private Resort and Spa’s staff were very kind and accommodating ensuring that each guest gets a individualized experience. Everything you need, the staff will provide. Even if you wish for something that is off the menu, the staff will do their best to accommodate you needs. I remember craving for the Balinese black rice pudding dessert for lunch, and it wasn’t available and it would take them 2 hours to prepare it. Instead of saying no, they asked us if it was okay that we got it for dinner instead! It was so nice of them to prepare this for us, and it ended up being such a culinary sensation! We got good food and good service all in 1.  



As mentioned above, Jamahal Private Resort and Spa takes pride in the privacy that resort offers. So if you are looking for a some privacy with your loved one, then Jamahal Private Resort and Spa is the perfect resort for you. Each villa has their own private entrance and is surrounded by bamboo trees which gives out a tropical vibe to the villa. The villas are very private and you hardly notice the other guests, unless you are at the common areas. They allow you to cut off from the outside world, and just live within the walls of your villa. To maintain the unique, romantic ambience Jamahal requests that all guests to be over the age of 16.

Last but not least reason why we would recommend Jamahal Private Resort and Spa; the food! Each and every bite of each and every meal we had in Jamahal Private Resort and Spa was a sensation for our tastebuds! You can really taste the freshness of the ingredients. Everything on Jamahal Private Resort and Spa’s menu is homemade and the ingredients are from the local market. Jamahal Private Resort and Spa’s meals are prepared with the finest of fresh produce, skillfully prepared to retain natural flavors, textures and aromas. Trust us when we tell you that you do not need to eat outside the resort. The food here was such a culinary sensation! Jamahal Private Resort and Spa has a shifting 3-course menu, so there is a new set of courses every day! The menu is made depending on the seasons best produces, so you get the best of what the day has to offer! YUMMM!



Jamahal Private Resort and Spa is the perfect haven for couples and honeymooners since they have everything that you might need, when staying at a resort. We did not find ourselves missing anything or wanting anything that the resort did not have. We genuinely felt like we could live at the resort forever.


Besides the private pool in our villa, Jamahal Private Resort and Spa also had a common lagoon-shaped swimming pool with a little waterfall located in the center of the resort. The poolside has sunbeds and 2 big cabanas. You can actually choose to eat your breakfast at these cabanas. We ate our breakfasts by the pool during the whole stay. We really enjoyed starting each day with an exquisite breakfast by the pool, with the tropical oasis vibe.

They have a gym for those who feels the need to break a sweat, lounge area where you can socialise or just relax in, if you need a change of venue, a spa and a private beach club.

Our personal favorite is of course the spa. The spa in Jamahal Private Resort and Spa offers a large variety of treatments, reflexology and facials using only natural high quality products. We got the Jamahal Massage, which is a relaxing blend of balinese, japanese and polynesian massage elements, which begins with an indulgent foot bath, and continues with a combination of long strokes, skin rolling and pressure techniques to relieve tension, improve blood flow and calm your spirit. The massage was absolutely exceptional! The masseuses were highly attentive, and very kind. The massage therapists were very professional and well trained. The background music is very important while receiving a massage since it is a huge factor to the whole vibe of the spa. We once got a massage at a place where they played the same melody in the background over and over again. I remember that the piercing sound from the melody really annoyed me! But not in Jamahal. The background music was very soothing and there were different melodies, allowing you to really relax and enjoy the massage. The massage from Jamahal was one of the best massages we’ve got on our trip. The spa had a balinese bath filled with rose petals, which you could relax in with a cup of tea, after your massage. An overall wonderful experience!


We stayed at a breathtaking pool suite villa. I did not believe in love at first sight, but the villa captured our hearts on sight. The villa was balinese style decorated, very elegant traditional and contemporary. The villa has an outdoor bathroom with a balinese bath! The villa ‘hidden’ surrounded by plants giving you your own private tropical oasis.

Of course, the villa has its own private pool and sunbeds.  


We really enjoyed the outdoor bath! It is very Balinese, so it was a whole new experience for us. The only worry we had about the outdoor bath was the mosquitoes! But luckily, Jamahal already thought of that! Each night, they come and light up anti mosquito essences, to keep these little biters away. We did not have a problem with them during the whole stay, and the essences gave an extra zen vibe to our Balinese haven.  

The room had a king sized bed with a gorgeous bed canopy. The main purpose with it is probably to keep insects away, but since there was none, it is not so necessary. Though, because we found it really cosy sleeping with the canopies closed, creating our own haven.


Jamahal is located on the southern tip of Bali, 20 minutes from Denpasar international airport. situated in the centre of Jimbaran, we are less than 400m away from the nearest beach.

Jimbaran is known for their strong surf waves and luxury hotels. There is a lot of dining options within the area, but trust us when we say, that it will not be needed! The food in Jamahal is some of the best we’ve ever tasted. YUUUM!


We found it difficult to take public transportation in Bali, so we would not recommend this. Jamahal Private Resort and Spa has a transfer service, so if you wish, they can take care of your transfer, picking you up and dropping you off on your prefered destination.

You could also take a taxi and should you do so, remember to ask them to turn the meter on! Avoid negotiating a fee, because you will most likely find yourself overpaying.


  Jalan Uluwatu 1, Jimbaran-Bali, Indonesia - 80364

 (+62 361) 704 394