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If you are a Dane longing for a taste of home, a foodie that has fallen head over heels for Nordic cuisine or just a curious soul who wants to know what Scandinavian food really is, then Snaps + Rye is a MUST TRY!  

Snaps + Rye is owned by Kell + Jacqueline Skött and is currently the only Danish restaurant in London – and if you ask us it is the only one the city needs! The restaurant captures every culinary aspect of Danish cuisine with their innovative menu by using ingredients common in many Danish kitchens. 


Each course was sensational and an absolute joy for our tastebuds! It was very obvious that every plate was well thought out. Each course included textures and flavors, all complimenting each other; sweet and sour, crunchy and creamy, all adding balance to the dish. 

We can honestly say that their buttermilk panna cotta is hands down the best one we’ve tasted so far! (If you don't like liquorice, just notify your waitress!)

We had a variety of their snaps/akvavit drinks and cocktails with each meal. Usually, we would run at the sight of snaps and to have it in a drink was REALLY hard for us to grasp – but Snaps + Rye pulls through and we must say that they have found a magical way to make it taste so good and that made us LOVE it!

Their talented head chef Tania Steytler takes you on a journey throughout Denmark with each and course. As Danes, we are so proud that Snaps + Rye represents Danish cuisine in London. Definitely a must try!


When entering the restaurant it feels like stepping into Denmark – with Nordic inspired furniture that you will find in many Danish homes and cafés and posters illustrating Danish cities, it gives you a feeling of hygge (an untranslatable word we use in Denmark for when something is cozy) Snaps + Rye also stock high quality Danish produce and homeware so that you can take a taste of Denmark home with you.

Snaps + Rye’s menu offers a selection of open faced sandwiches also called smørrebrød, brunch and a variety of hot dishes.These sandwiches are served on their homemade rye bread, which is an Urban Food Awards winner in 2015,voted Londoners’ Loaf. We thought that we were going to have just another smørrebrød like we’ve had many times before – but our first bite proved us very wrong! They were so delicious that many of the smørrebrød we'd tried at home paled in comparison – from the fresh ingredients used to the amount of butter on the bread, nothing on these open faced sandwiches seemed to have been smeared on the bread by chance, everything was carefully placed. We definitely recommend this dish if you want to try something traditionally Danish! 


As we moved towards their brunch menu we noticed that they had a variety of kedgerees, which is actually an Indian dish. This didn't actually come as a surprise since Britain does have a lot of Indian influences – it merely strikes us as surprising so we decided to try it out as well as their full Danish brunch.

What immediately caught our eye was the rich color of the egg yolk in the kedgeree. It was super tasty and the combination of Indian and Scandinavian elements was delicious. Don't be fooled by the portion though - it looks small and you might think you'll be able to stomach all of it, but it is really, really filling. So if you wanna go for the kedgeree either share it with someone or don't go for a starter (we had the open faced sandwiched prior to this dish, we were so full!)


The Full Danish brunch plate was a mix of Danish and English brunch plate consisting of bacon with liquorice syrup, hog’s pudding, spinach, tomatoes, pickled mushrooms and Bloody Viking Ketchup. The Bloody Viking Ketchup is a MUST TRY!

Snaps + Rye focuses on using only the best, fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients in their dishes – and they really do! 

The restaurant used to only have a brunch and lunch menu but due to increasing popularity, they have chosen to expand their menu with a weekly changing dinner course set meal on the weekends. We thought this was exciting and decided to try it out! 


The dinner menu in the weekend we visited consisted of:

Smoked eel, potato, watercrest, green apple and bacon crumble

Squid, scorched treviso, skyr and rye crisps

Arctic Char, Kohlrabi pickle + puree, chard and brown crab


Guinea fowl, black pudding, pearl barley, kale, chervil root

Buttermilk panna cotta. blackcurrants, liquorice syrup, sweet crunch



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